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03 May 2009

Free Beer

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>Guest Post: We’ve had a pleasant few weeks: Our pomegranate tree is showing promising signs of first fruit; the cherry tree is laden with very green cherries and maybe, just maybe they will ripen so we can get to sample a few before we leave. Gill has kidnapped Al to go off on a hasty three-day tour of Morocco – think snake charmers; black scorpions; crowded markets, donkeys and clutching beggars – pass. I am sure the little rat will have something to say about it all when they return. Meanwhile, there is an open invitation out to an All Day “Free” Beer and Paella festival in a little village just outside Granada – it’s hard not to like Spain! – P

03 May 2009

Aussie Invasion II

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Breakfast in the garden with Kate and Chris

Kate and Chris-#2 arrived after a marathon 30+ hours journey – PER – SIN – LON – MAD – GRA and still managed to look a million $$$ and very aussie in their Billabong shirts, shorts, sweats, thongs & underwear perhaps?

They had expressed a desire to experience some Granada nightlife and after a long night’s sleep and a hectic day of sightseeing they were ready – and being Friday, as usual, we had several engagements – a couple of G&T’s with Alan and Anita, a few steps up to their tiny but magnificent roof terrace to take in the Alhambra Palace; dinner at home; then off to Matilde’s for early evening drinks; by midnight we were ready to party. First stop, a tiny little bar called Cebolla (Onion) packed to the rafters where they serve spirits in litre plastic cups and so crowded that you can count everyone’s nostril hairs and getting to the solitary pit toilet requires a 15 minute manoeuvre and more nostril hair counting.

By 2.00am we were getting bored, not to mention asphyxiated. Next stop – and we lost a lot of people somewhere along the way (Gill and Kate included) – was the Fondue Bar, where Chris, Carol, Sarah, Paul and I got stuck into some awful, icky, sticky and very expensive chocolate Fondue (I am still trying to get it out of my coat!) …. then it was off to the Booga Bar to boogie, naturally — and it all gets a little hazy from here. By about 4.30am a few of the usual suspects had arrived and if memory serves me correct we were all boogying away, speaking perfect Spanish and getting rather drunk. By 6.00am the Booga Bar was in full swing, everyone was looking beautiful – I think I might have had a conversation with a loudspeaker – and the night was young. We had promised the girls we would be home by 7.00am so we walked out into the cool morning air, the odd dog barking, the alcohol and fresh air a bad combination — and staggered on home.

Squeezy bar – Chris, Paul, Kate and Clare

Needless to say, Saturday was a lazy day, punctuated by long periods of sleep and relaxation.

And on Sunday, taking advantage of the best snow in 30 years we took the bus up to the Sierra Resort and spent the night; ready to hit the slopes as soon as the lifts opened the next day. Chris had never seen snow before. Private lessons were order of the day; Chris on a snowboard and Kate on skis. Chris was looking a bitty shaky at first, and spending a lot of time on his arse, but by lunch all was good and by early-afternoon he had turned semi-pro. Kate also was naturally good.

And then they were gone, off to Portugal, Norway and London, no doubt heading your way sometime soon.


Smiling before the pain sets in.

You do this strap up here. See.