16 Jun 2013

Fat happy Buddhas and the Wat Doi Suthep temple

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There are several ways to get to the Temple and by taxi is far the easiest. We witnessed one poor fool trying to cycle up the steep ascent and tried not to think too much about our week ahead. Even went you get to the base of the temple there are some three hundred steps to climb.

But it's worth it. The light at Suthep takes on an ethereal quality. It is probably all the gold leaf; golden plump Buddhas, gilded elephants, dragons and serpents abound. Then there are the monks, young and old. The younger monks carry iPads and smartphones and snap away with the best of the tourists, while the tourists surreptitiously snap away at them.






Paul blessed as he is, is stacking up on blessings (because you can never have too many) and is amassing quite a collection of string in the process. The head monk took one look at me, admiring my fine stitch, my travel worn coat and reached for his scissors as if to take a snip. That's it … I'm out of here!


Our master chef instructor


Banana spring rolls - yum


A little bit more chilli


Speaking of fat happy Buddhas, we enrolled in an all-day cooking course in a small village outside Chiang Mai. To get there we took a private car, followed by taxi, train and finally bicycles, riding through a pleasant but sleepy village. We stuffed ourselves until we were bursting at the seams with six courses of food then piled into an overloaded utility for the hot sweaty ride home. Delicious!


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6 Responses to “Fat happy Buddhas and the Wat Doi Suthep temple”

  1. Sarah says:

    I love the aprons! It all looks awesome Al. Great to have you back blogging again, especially with she sparkling updates. 😉
    Love to you and your human companions.
    Sarah x

  2. Nell says:

    What colours! I am quite gold with envy!

  3. PG says:

    Nice apron Pablo!

  4. Muzzi says:

    Hey, Big Al – glad to hear you are on the road again! I thought you were going on a cycling trip – not Fat Buddhas and Cooking Courses-?? Have you lost your way?
    Love Muzzi
    PS, I’ve just been shopping with Matt & Andi, & think I would rather have been cycling up those 300 steps to the temple!

  5. Mal says:

    Hey Al,

    Ol’ Lonely’s not as silly as you think. He’s collecting all those blessings so that the next time someone starts sneezing, he’s got plenty of bless you’s to hand out!

    I see the photo but I don’t believe it. Her Majesty, wearing an apron for the purpose of……cooking. COOKING! More likely for the purpose of tasting………tasting something that you or Lonely had prepared!

    Hey, we could have an Iron Chef banana day at the Penthouse when you get back. You know, everything has to have banana as the main ingredient. You could do the banana spring rolls, Lonely could make banana milkshakes and Gillian could go out and buy banana bread from the bakery around the corner.

    Uncle Mal