02 Jul 2013

One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster

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Arbitrary moose photo - why not!


The words to that 1980s classic, One Night in Bangkok are on repeat in my head. We had three nights, never mind. They went by in a whirl. Everything in Bangkok is fast, except for the street traffic which crawls painfully slowly. A five kilometre journey can take forty-five minutes. It is quicker to walk, but you will need a shower when you arrive. The riverboats are far more pleasant — they dock rapidly and haphazardly and then there is a mad dash to jump from a precariously tilted floating pylon on to the deck before they take off again. It's even more fun in the wet.


Dress modestly to enter - no bare shoulders, no knees



Very old Buddha in a Banyan tree



We have seen more Buddhas and temples than we can poke a stick at including two magnificent gigantic reclining Buddhas. We sought respite from the heat in mammoth shopping malls, air conditioned down to minus five. Now I understand the appeal of shopping.

One evening we caught up with Ian and Behia for some Thai food and then later found an outside bar in the red light district. The girls ordered ladies drinks, not realising these were specially priced drinks for ladies of the night. We watched all the pretty ladyboys and ladies of the night, and the lone travellers in for a big night who didn't quite know what they were letting themselves in for. For a while it was fun, trying to pick he from she, watching for the obvious Adam's apple. It is not so easy.

And now we are homeward bound. Bring on the winter.


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