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01 Oct 2014

Farewell To A Friend

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Passing over Greek Islands en route to Malta

This blog may have started as a small dopey-eyed cynic’s view of the world but over the years it has morphed into something more, a diary of sorts. Sometimes I look back over the past posts and laugh. Other times I simply shake my head. On occasion, I have spied Paul perusing the blog trying to remember exactly what it was we did yesterday!


As weeks go, last week was a shit one. We arrived in Malta to terrible news. A very good friend passed away in his sleep. Alex was only 46, but already he had lived several lifetimes. He achieved more than most of us dream of doing. He could regale everyone with his excellent gargantuan roasts, ensuring we were all well catered to in the wine department as well. He always had stories to tell. He could build a mean bonfire. He collected friends with ease — he was universally well liked. He couldn’t walk fifty metres down Geraldton’s main street without someone recognising him and coming over for a chat.

He was a “glass is half full” sort of guy, even when the glass was patently empty. He was a “can-do” sort of guy as well. He approached everything with gusto and made work appear effortless, much to everyone’s envy.

A few years ago we were in a restaurant — Alex, Peter, Paul and I. Behind us there was a similar setting of gents dining. They were older, much greyer, but they were having an equally spirited lunch, full of laughter and no doubt tall tales. We joked that would be us in 20 or 30 years. Alas it was not meant to be.

Farewell friend — you will be sorely missed by many.


Alex waiting for a bus (that never came). La Herradura, Spain 2012


Breakfast at 'the Prov', Geraldton 2011. L-R - Alex, Paul, Richard and Peter.