20 Oct 2014

Decadent Daze

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Cala Molins

Someone told me Mallorca has more than 300 beaches and so far we have seen only a dozen or so. Who are we to argue? At this rate it will take us a long time to see them all. Some of them are pebble beaches, others white sand, and others are practically inaccessible; you need to scramble down rocky cliffs and off ledges. They have one thing in common in that they are all stunning.

For late October, the weather has been amazing — 28 plus degrees every day for the last few days. The locals are all shaking their heads and saying ‘when is it going to end’ and taking to the beaches en masse.

Last weekend we drove north and managed six beaches, a couple of dozen mussels, gambas (prawns) galore, an octopus or three, several small schools of fish, and by Sunday afternoon we were beginning to look like beached whales ourselves.



Cap De Formenter - sometimes the only way in is by boat


Cala Formenter - under the pines


Head over heals for Mallorcan beaches




In our pathetic quest to work off the aquarium we had consumed, we trekked through the S’albufera de Mallorca wetlands out near Playa de Muro, stopping at hides along the trail and birdwatching, all the while rubbing our bellies, groaning and distended, yet at the same time thinking about our next meal.



You are never far from anything. Massive coal-fired power station humming in the distance. Can you feel the serenity?



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  1. Uncle Mal says:

    Life can be a bit of a beach at times!

    Uncle Mal

    P.S. Sounds to me like you’ll need a new brown suit, Al. Shall I order one in your usual “little” finger size or just go all out and order a “thumb XL”?