05 Nov 2014

A Big Hole

4 Comments Mallorca, Spain

Sa Foradada is a very special place and for that reason alone it was worth returning to Mallorca for a final few days.

There are only two ways to get to Sa Foradada (a Mallorquin word which roughly translated means ‘the hole in the rock’), by boat or on foot. While our forty metre motor yacht was on the dock undergoing a final cut and polish (in our wildest dreams!), we chose the latter option. It is a steep forty-five minute walk down a dirt track, a teasing walk, offering glimpses of one of the most spectacular spots ever.

But first lunch!

At the bottom there is a restaurant, a chiringiti (beach shack) that has a reputation for some of the best seafood paella on the island. They cook it the way it should be cooked: outside, over a fire, in heavy cast iron pans, slowly — made with love. They have been preparing paella like this for four decades; first the father and now the daughter. The paella is delicious and worth the wait! It is the final lunch of the season before the chiringiti closes for the winter. We are lucky, they had planned to close two weeks earlier but the weather has played in our favour. After we pay the bill and the camarero (waiter) proudly shows us his brag book, photos of him alongside his more recent customers: Rafa Nadal, Bruce Springsteen … and now, the shutter clicks, one more for his collection — a bulbous alpaca!

After lunch we head down to the water. There are perhaps a dozen of us down there, wading in the cool clear water, smiling and laughing. I dip my head under the water and even without googles I can see the bottom. It is that clear. We bask on our towels for a while like beached whales and head back for a final swim. The paella is still heavy in our stomachs. The sun descends and we contemplate the long slow walk up.





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4 Responses to “A Big Hole”

  1. Uncle Mal says:

    Hey Al,

    With a belly full of paella and wearing goggles you would have looked like a sunburnt minion…..drowning. And, what’s with the “contemplating the long, slow walk up”, don’t you mean “Lonely was left to contemplate the long, slow and heave-Al-ee laden walk up”

    What happened to Ireland?

    Uncle Mal

  2. Mum says:

    Al and Paul, it all looks so inviting, the scenery and food. You make me hungry. For me it’s just vegemite on toast. Pity you didn’t time it better and dined with Rafa Nadal and Bruce Springstein.

    Love Mum

  3. Uncle Mal says:

    Ah, OK. I thought you were going to say it ran out of Guinness and so you and Lonely did the same……ran out.

    Uncle Mal