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16 Jun 2010

Help Me I’m Shrinking

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After a long train ride from Portugal to Leon we were met by Sarah in her tiny rental. We drove north to the Asturias to be greeted by the worst rainfall in 48 years. It was not all bad – we checked into a sweet little hotel in the tiny fishing village of Cudillero. A couple of days later, I am sure everyone in town knew two Aussies, an Alpaca and a Texan had hit town. We sat in bars and learned the subtle local art of the cider pour where you stand with a bottle in your arm held at full length and attempt to pour cider into a glass without so much as a sideways glance – later in our hotel room we put it to practice.




The next morning we were given directions and recommendations to the best viewpoints, beaches and restaurants, and drove out on a drizzly day in search of sun and food. The sun was elusive and at some points the wind and rain was so strong we snapped photos through the windscreen rather than braving the elements. We found the recommended lunch spot, portside in Luarca and struggled through an excellent typical Asturian menu of the day (ie: leaving more than we ate).