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30 Aug 2012

The forest is anything but black

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We are staying in a small apartment on the outskirts of Frankfurt. It is nice and bright and has a large picture window with commanding views of another apartment block. Only a hundred metres away there is a river, a forest, lovely parks, gardens and running/cycling tracks. Everything is different shade of green — I'm envious.

Catch a train into Frankfurt and it gets more colourful, practically physcodelic. We are not the only big names in town it seems. Jeff Koons got here first. We saw his giant Puppy (“el poopy”) back in Bilbao some years back and now we get to see his paintings and sculptures en masse in all their glory and in some cases gory. The paintings were a bit ho hum, but the sculptures were something else. In a beautiful rather palacial building amongst a large collection of antiquities and some baroque and renaissance art – a real mixed bag if ever I saw one – they have managed to squeeze a Jeff Koons or two. Picture Michael Jackson and his pet monkey Bubbles, gold and gaudy, in a room of Egyptian antiquities ….. or try a wet/dry electric vacuum cleaner in a surrounding of medieval urns. Fotografieren ist verboten. The Incredible Hulk, a giant shiny metallic Popeye (pumped on spinach). Use your imagination — it all sounds a bit kitsch, and it probably is, but it kind of works, I guess … maybe … well it helps if you are chewing some Coca leaf at the time — its an Alpaca thing!

Okay we're out here …. auf wiedersehen.