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13 Oct 2014

My Girona (to the tune of My Sharona)

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My my my my Sharona — actually I think it was 'Ay Ay Ay Ay' and Mexican but never mind

I am playing catch-up from Mallorca where I have been for a few days, however I couldn’t skip giving Girona a mention. That 70s ‘The Knack’ song finally left my head and now as I type this blog it is back to haunt me again – my my my, my Girona …

Coming in to land at Girona — the cheap Ryanair hub airport where most people then take the shuttle bus direct to Barcelona, it is easy to skip Girona as a destination in its own right — I was immediately struck by the greenness and the mountains. It was a refreshing change from Malta’s harsher landscape.

My (insert preferred deity), it is beautiful!

The old town has all the charm of Granada’s Albaicin, however it gives the appearance it has been swept clean. There are tourists and students but it never feels stifling. The buildings are, for the most part, beautifully preserved without feeling overly gentrified. It is one of those cities that simply begs you to explore. There are stairways and corridors, churches and parks and some wonderful squares. It is best explored without a map. We found new discoveries around every corner. Oh but what a frustrating experience; Paul wanted to stop in at every little wine bar and restaurant.

In the end, exasperated, I left him at Zapanzar, an excellent Basque Pinchos bar (where you select your food from the counter and your bill is tallied at the end by the number of toothpicks left on your plate … Oh I am sure I have told you this before!). Paul was attempting the Guinness Book Of Records entry for most Pinchos consumed, while I took the camera and went for a stroll.

On my return, I promptly hopped in his pocket, only to be met by a sharp and rather painful surprise; a bunch of twisted and splintery toothpicks. Ouch!!