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09 Jun 2010

Merida On The Other Hand Is A Bit Of A Ruin

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Unlike Zafra, the town centre of Merida is nothing to write home about. In fact much of Merida is in ruins – Roman ruins that is!

Modern day Merida is on situated on top of the old Emperor Augustus founded Roman capital of Lusitania. Twenty steps from our Hostal, the streetscape has been excavated away to reveal an old Roman forum. Further up the road, at the former edge of town, is the large Roman amphitheatre and also the theatre. These are the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy and they are impressive. Standing in the tiers of the ancient amphitheatre, sadly talk eventually turned to Russell Crowe and his gladiatorial days. On that note, it was mutually decided our knowledge of ancient Roman history probably needed a bit of a refresher, so we visited the excellent Roman Art Museum in the centre of town.