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08 Aug 2009

Bye Bye Boquete

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Two weeks on and we’re ready to go bush, into the heat and heart of the jungle, in the middle of Bocas del Toros, up near the Costa Rican border. No phones, no internet, no hot water – perfect!

See you when we get back.

29 Jul 2009

It’s a Jungle Out There

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Lychees $1 a bundle – What you have to peel them first?

We have arrived in the pretty mountain village of Boquete, our home for a fortnight. It is a seven hour bus-ride from Panama, and then another hour from David on one of those rickety old school buses peeling ourselves from the sticky vinyl seats. The first thing you notice coming up in the bus is the temperature drop and the lower humidity. Boquete is 975m above sea level and the climate is very pleasant.

Sipping Pina Coladas and kicking back on the beach is not for me. This is where I belong. The mountain air is fresh and cool, and when it rains, it starts off all misty, a fine spray, that leaves my coat glistening in the soft afternoon light, the sunlight filtering through the clouds. Rainbows radiate across the length of the valley. To the west, the volcano Baru (3,475m), Panama’s highest peak, is sometimes visible through the clouds. To the east the Caldera river froths and bubbles away in a menacing manner.

Outside our villa there is another small stream; the water flows so rapidly, we have to sleep with the windows closed. The sound the water makes crashing down the rocks can only be described as thunderous. And things grow, boy do they grow! The gardens are colourful and full of tiny birds flitting about, and the lawns are lush and green. There is so much water, the maid insists on coming every day to change all the towels, the tea towels etc and is genuinely shocked when we tell her every third or fourth day will suffice (being the environmentally conscious Aussies that we are).

Just outside of the town centre a mountain of soil, trees and greenery climbs steeply up from the roadside – you get the sense the whole village might just wash away – a – one heavy rainfall! There was a six hour hike we had planned to do, so we checked in at the Boquete tourist office only to be told the path, the bridge and the hotel adjacent had all been destroyed in heavy rains last November. But I love it! – I have informed Gill and Paul they can push on if they like. I am retiring to Boquete. Fortune magazine rated Boquete as one of the Top 5 retirement destinations in the world, and I think they might just be right