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28 Aug 2012

Something is fishy in Sai Wan

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Photos: Chow Karhoo

Stepping out from my apartment I am affronted by the strong smell of fish. For several hundred metres in either direction, shop after shop of vendors selling nothing but dried fish of all descriptions; and then as if there is a sign saying “ENOUGH” the street transforms and becomes vendors selling nothing but insence. Now if they would just get together and intersperse the insence and the fish we could all breathe a lot easier.

You wouldn't be in Hong Kong if you didn't do a bit of shopping. The Lomography shop is way too cool — hundreds of different colourful retro plastic cameras with quirky designs and lovely soft plastic lenses. Guaranteed to take softly focused, poorly exposed pictures every time. And you have to load film. But they are fun, cheap and all the rage. I'll stick to digital!

Mammoth carvings are also all the rage. They are made from the tusks of extinct (are there any other kind) woolly mammoths. The woman in the mammoth shop followed us around like a hawk, ensuring we didn't touch, photograph or break anything. Now where's the fun in that? They command big bucks in Mainland china and even a small piece, centimetres high will set you back thousands of dollars. Good mammoth carvers are in strong demand. Now there's a career opportunity Paul!

The galleries near Hollywood Road are also cool. We bumped into Chow Karhoo and chatted about his current and previous exhibitions. Now he is my superhero. You can check out more of his amazing photos here.