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11 Jun 2010

It’s So Quiet In Portugal

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Bright painted framework and tiled frontages typical of Porto houses



Our bus arrived silently and without fuss into Porto. We caught a taxi with a softly spoken driver to our hotel. Our Hotel is the new “opened last month” Teatro Hotel – the staff is so quiet, almost mouse-like, and considerate. They will not allow us to take our own bags up to our room, which is good because the hotel is themed on an classical theatre, with soft mood lighting, thick draped curtains and dark carpets – we have to pad our way carefully and QUIETLY down the darkened corridors.

We step out into the street and cars noiselessly draw to a halt to let us pass at pedestrian crossings – how novel! In a restaurant later that evening we speak in subdued tones, afraid to bother our fellow patrons.

Porto is nice … and ever so tranquil! It has lots of steep streets – a good workout for our calves. We groan internally. For a port city even the seagulls are mysteriously silent. The buildings have lovely colourfully tiled facades where people peer wordlessly from upper floor windows.

And of course, there is the seafood which is good, plentiful and cheap and definitely worth shouting about.