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13 Nov 2008

On the road to Reno

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I love San Francisco, it’s the hills and the vistas that are cool, but seeing Paul after he jogged the few miles from Japantown to downtown – up and down those hills – red-faced and out-of-breath was also pretty cool.

To get out of San Francisco, we rented a vehicle for the two weeks ahead. Our journey will take us through Nevada, across Utah and into Colorado. First stop Sacramento to visit Raymond. We stopped, checked out Raymond’s very cool home, had lunch with Raymond and left. Way too short … we will need to find an excuse to go back … or Raymond could just come visit us in Spain!

Ian, Tate and Paul – ribsticking!

By the time we arrived in Reno, Gill and Paul were shivering. Man it is cold. Me, I love the cold, but Gill and Paul, boy they are wimps – muttering on about buying warm clothes and such. Andre, Coral, Ian and Tate put us up, showed us around and fed us all-American food – pizza and Mexican – yum! Ian and Tate showed Paul the grand-art of Rib Sticking (see very impressive pic – P). On the Sunday, we drove out to Lake Tahoe and walked the path down to Emerald Bay. Tahoe is stunning, and a little bit sleepy at this time of year, before the ski-season, and at the end of fall.