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10 Jun 2010

Wedding Bells and Decibels

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There are more beautiful buildings in Salamanca than any one city deserves. There is also the Plaza Mayor in the centre of town, which at night when it is all lit up, is simply spectacular. It is crowded, full of tourists, locals and students, and very noisy, but somehow still appealing. It is impossible to walk down the street and not be awe-inspired at the architecture. Looking up has its pitfalls though, for you will miss the myriad of weddings, bizarre Spanish-style stag parties and hen’s nights going on all around.

Back at our hotel, we spent the evening picking the confetti out of our hair, planning our next destination and waiting for the cacophony of noise coming from the restaurants and bars downstairs to die down. At 4.00 am there was an unnatural silence as the last of the crowds disappeared, and then at 4.30 am the garbage trucks and street sweepers arrived … and all hell broke loose!

Beware the confetti

Where all the cool people hang – Bar in Salamanca

Stag party – Spanish style